20-22 June, 2019

15th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition
IFM / Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey

Retail Center Delegation


Billa Bulgaria is part of Austrian REWE International AG, which manages about 2,500 stores in BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG brands in Austria. BILLA Bulgaria is the first international supermarket chain to enter the Bulgarian market. BILLA provides services with 118 shops in 37 different cities in Bulgaria.


Maxima,the largest retail chain in the Baltic States, was founded in 1992 in Lithuania. Every day more than 550,000 customers visits Maxima markets in Lithuania. Maxima provides services to customers with 237 stores in Lithuania.


Migros Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 1954 with the initiatives of Swiss Migros Cooperatives Union and Istanbul Municipality. As of 31 December 2015 there were 464 Migros Jet, 457M, 255MM, 94MMM, 36Macrocenter and 23 5M in 7 geographical regions and a total of 1,410 stores in Kazakhstan and Macedonia with 27 Ramstore and 20 Ramstore respectively.

The NOVUS company has been a successful retail chain in Ukraine since 2008. Today there are 37 retail stores under the name NOVUS.