12-14 April, 2018

14th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition
IFM / Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey

Exhibitor Testimonials
"Cosmo International Fragrances is new to Turkey so, we're unknown to Turkish clients. That's why this exhibition means so much to us. It's essential for us to convey that “we are also in this sector, we exist, and we are strong”. It contributes to our sales activities, but its effect on our marketing activities is much greater. This is the only cosmetics exhibition of this size, so I think it should be supported and enlarged whether it contributes to our sales and marketing activities or not. We attend all exhibitions throughout the world that are related to the sector. But since we are Cosmo International Fragrances Turkey, our main focus is on local organisations. This exhibition provides us with the opportunity to come together with local clients and is therefore more important to us."
Ayşe Gönül
Cosmo International Fragrances
“We're focusing on our wet towels and diaper products at the exhibition. We're here because BeautyEurasia fits perfectly with our client portfolio. It especially contributes to our client portfolio on the international market. We have been attending the exhibition for 5 years and been pleased with it. As far as I can tell, the international representation is very solid this year, as well as the number of exhibitors. I believe that the exhibition means a lot for exportation.”
Ferhat Güzelkaya 
Eruslu Sağlık - Adana Regional Manager
"Since we are a company that sells products to both domestic and foreign markets, BeautyEurasia is a key gathering point for us. The exhibition means a lot in terms of meeting our foreign visitors and local clients we cannot reach and discovering innovations. Our focus in exhibiting is to get into the foreign market. We cover 95% of the domestic market, but we consider ourselves to be weak in the foreign market. We used to come here as visitors but now we attend as exhibitors."
Hüseyin Doğan 
Doğuş Kozmetik A.Ş. - Sales Manager
“We have made our brand of 56 years into a common sharing point with you for the last 13 years. We exhibit because it is Turkey's most well-known exhibition and the current exhibitor profile consists of our clients. It helps our marketing efforts more than sales. It is a good opportunity to showcase our brand, purposes of foundation and activity, logo, brand perception and hospitality. The current foreign visitor profile consists of visitors from North Africa and the Middle East. In addition, we would also like to see our friends from western-eastern Europe and Africa here. This is the only exhibition which gathers manufacturers and suppliers in the field of cosmetics. We have been participating in the exhibition ever since it was founded and we intend to do the same next year.”
Bülent Gonca 
Gülçiçek Kimya - Sales Department
"We produce diapers, wet towels and adult diapers, focused mainly on export. The exhibition means a lot for us in terms of gaining new clients and creating new partnerships with visitors. There are also a lot of exhibiting companies; this gives us the chance to find new business opportunities."
Muhammed Nabih Hafez 
Predo - Export Sales Manager
"We produce professional cosmetic products for hair and body. BeautyEurasia is  very important for us because of the range of visitors from Turkey, Russia and the Middle East. We are here to support our local distributor and create new partnerships for our other brands. Exhibiting gives us the chance to develop new connections, meet new people and see what our competition is up to. We have been attending the exhibition for 10 years and it just keeps getting better; but it can be developed even greater. This exhibition has an important and strategic place among other cosmetics exhibitions throughout the world."
Gianni Manzetti
Farmen Group - Owner