20-22 June, 2019

15th International Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Exhibition
IFM / Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey


02 May 2017

BeautyEurasia reaffirms status as meeting point for Eurasia region's cosmetics industry

The exhibition hosted make-up techniques, permanent nail polish applications and hair shows over three days.

BeautyEurasia reaffirms its status as meeting point for the Eurasian region's cosmetics industry

13th International Cosmetics, Beauty and Hairdressing Fair - BeautyEurasia brought together 450 exhibitors and 7,471 professional visitors from 36 countries. BeautyEurasia, which addressed the Eurasia region, hosted many countries including Russia, Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States, Eastern Europe, North Africa, United Arab Emirates and Iran. The exhibition contributed to the establishment of new business and cooperation opportunities for exhibitors and visitors. During the exhibition, various stand activities such as make-up techniques, permanent nail polish applications, hair shows and applications were organized.

13th BeautyEurasia - International Cosmetics, Beauty and Hairdressing Exhibiton contributed to the establishment of productive cooperations and the development of the industry with the participation of the leading companies and countries in the sector. The exhibition which was held between 27 and 29 April, brought together the products, services and technologies of international producers and suppliers around the world. During the three days, 7,141 people visited the exhibition.

Turkey Operations Group Director Muharrem Tunca stated that: “ITE Group has special expertise in this area. We are trying to bring new customers to the sector by combining our 13 years of experience and expertise in Turkey and the Eurasia region with the Group’s current extensive global network. The cosmetics sector in Turkey is a vibrant and dynamic sector... In 2015, the Turkish cosmetics sector achieved a business volume of 8.6 billion TL. In 2016, it is estimated that this number is about 10 billion TL. Research shows that the number of companies offering cosmetics to the market is around 4,500 as of 2016... About 1,500 of them are manufacturers. This is also an indication of the importance of the sector for our country’s economy...”

The cosmetics and beauty sector in our country is developing rapidly. Factors such as the growing importance of beauty and care, anti-aging, women taking a more active role in work and social life and the youthful population are all driving the development of this sector in Turkey. 

BeautyEurasia, one of the most important gateways to the vast Eurasian market, offers its exhibitors great export potential for Turkey and Eurasian markets. Particularly the participation of manufacturers and exporters with market targets covering these countries is important for the new commercial partnerships that can be born. In addition, the exhibition hosted a large number of cosmetics chains, wholesalers and retailers from Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East, which are among the world's target markets.

International Buyers Delegation Program boosted the event

The exhibition, which provided exhibitors and visitors with new market and business opportunities through the “International Buyers Delegation Program”, which was realized with the support of the Ministry of Economy within the scope of the exhibition, and hosted many countries with VIP Buyers Delegation Program including Azerbaijan, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia and Oman. The program aimed to develop new purchasing, business, business development and partnership opportunities for sector representatives on an international level

Exclusive hair shows…

BeautyEurasia hosted vibrant hair shows over the three days. The Arca Acar Cut Color Factory Academy Show Team and the Pivot Point Turkey Show Team added colour to the exhibition with their surprise hair shows. In addition, the Chamber of Barbers and Hairdressers and Vocational Training Centers also presented interesting hair shows.