Exhibitor Feedbacks - Sapro

Sapro provides innovative and effective solutions to its customers in line with market needs with its experience, quality products and customer-oriented working approach. With its export volume to 6 continents who is located in the first row of wet wipes export, Sapro ranked as Turkey's top 500 industrial companies.

What types of products do you distribute and to whom?
We produce all kinds of wet wipes as a private label. We as Sapro are a company that serves as a consignee for big brands and produces for the said brands. We are also included among the top 500 industrial corporations in Turkey as an export champion and our only area of work and expertise is wet wipes. 
What trends have you seen recently? 
This year’s trends are; water wipes for newborns, natural make-up removal, micellar make-up removal, nail polish remover and mask cleaning wipes.
What do you look for in a new product?
The most important three elements that we look for in a new product are reliability of the producing company, reliability of the product and quality.
How does BeautyEurasia help your business?
Beauty Eurasia is a perfect platform for us to meet with the whole sector.
What are your expectations from the exhibition?
To exhibit our innovative side and develop our prestige by sharing the innovations in the world.