Exhibitor Feedbacks - Yeşilgün Cosmetics

Yeşilgün Kozmetik offers all types of wax, hair care, personal care, and men’s care products under patented brands named Roon, Roon Form, Roon Sima, Vodvil, Ezgi, Bankız SHU both in the domestic and international market.

Yeşilgün Kozmetik, a company that contributes to human health, aesthetics, and beauty, produces items that function properly, and at the same time cares about the environmental pollution, is attending to BeautyEurasia for the first time this year.
Before BeautyEurasia 2019, we had a chance to talk with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Arda Yeşil, in order to get to know the company better and learn about their expectations from the exhibition.
  • What are the products that you produce?
As Yeşilgün Kozmetik, we produce items such as oxidant cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, blue oxidant cream, silver shampoo, hair styler, blow-dry water, argan oil, and serum. Other than these products, we also perform contract manufacturing services.
  • What are the trends for 2019?
This year, blue oxidant cream, silver shampoo, salt-free shampoo, and hair waxes are among the most popular products.
  • What are the characteristics you look for in a new product? 
The most important criteria for a new product include product quality and manufacturing of the product under conditions required by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • How does BeautyEurasia contribute to your sales and marketing activities?
We will attend Beauty Eurasia for the first time. We think that the exhibition will significantly contribute to our sales and marketing activities.
  • What are your expectations from the exhibition?
Our expectations from the exhibition are to reach our potential customers, introduce our products, and increase our customer base.