Exhibitor Feedbacks - Kraft Kağıt

Kraft Kağıt is the industry leader especially in the production of neck paper roll with its master brand MORE FOR YOU, which is one of the leading producers in the field of Hair & Beauty Salon products manufacturing. Products that reach everywhere in Turkey actively are exported to more than 20 countries internationally.

  • What are the products that you produce?
As Kraft Kağıt, we produce professional hairdressing and beauty salon products especially with More For You brand. Our disposable products include neck paper roll in the production of which we are the market leader, all-purpose towel product group, manicure - pedicure towels, bed chair cover product group, haircutting cape, nylon hair dyeing cape, waxing strip, etc.In addition, with respect to the field of cosmetics, we offer liposoluble wax group products such as wax refill, can, mold, granules film wax. We also produce liposoluble wax cleaning and massage oil, barber shop shaving soap, and other barbershop products.
  • What are the trends for 2019?
We believe that our seed mask “4in1” liposoluble wax product, on which we have been conducting R & D studies for a long time, will be the trend product in 2019.
  • What are the characteristics you look for in a new product?
We expect the new product to be different from its equivalents in the market, in this way, it will attract attention. It is highly important that the product achieves the desired outcome.
  • How does BeautyEurasia contribute to your sales and marketing activities?
We have been attending BeautyEurasia for over 10 years now. Our regular participation in the exhibition makes the visitors trust our brand. It serves as a meeting point for us to catch up with all the customers that we work yet have not seen for a long time.Additionally, it is an ideal platform to find new markets.
  • What are your expectations from the exhibition?
We hope to see visitors coming from more different countries. It is particularly important to us that the visitor profile includes professional buyers and the right people in the industry. We believe that this exhibition is an important meeting point for the cosmetics industry in Turkey and should continue to serve the industry for many years.
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