About Events

The BeautyEurasia 2018 conference broughts together all industry experts and shareholders, ensuring that thousands of exhibitors and visitors are up to date with the latest industry developments. 

The programme covered technical and market-focused subjects to support professional development and obtain new and different content. The event programme area, located in the centre of the exhibition, draws visitors and exhibitors with its easily recognisable location without being excluded from the flow of the exhibition.

In cooperation with leading industry institutions and organisations such as İKMİB, BeautyEurasia 2018 has prepared a rich event programme that brought together industry experts to exchange information and take a close look at subjects such as trends, technological developments, legal regulations, ABC of exportation, hints for business development etc. in panels aiming towards foreign investors, local producers, buyers and decision makers.

Topics covered:

The Development Process for Cosmetic Companies

GMP deficiencies of cosmetics companies, lack of qualified personnel and their education in cosmetics companies, standardisation and quality inspections of cosmetics raw material suppliers have been discussed.

Legal Regulations

Improving of the producer’s adaptation process to legal regulations and increasing of the consumer’s awareness for cosmetics has been discussed.

The Fight Against Illegal Cosmetics

Fight against and inspection of illegal and under-the-counter cosmetics companies and fight against deceptive advertising subjects have been discussed.

Brand Sustainability

Subjects of being persistent in the sector, gaining momentum and succeeding in a highly competitive sector in a time period in which cosmetics sector is developing rapidly both in Turkey and the world in parallel with developing technology and emergence of new necessities have been discussed.

How to Get Involved in the Retail Chain

Subject of cosmetics companies spreading both via franchises and their own stores due to the increasing demand to personal care and beauty products in the fast-growing cosmetics market have been discussed.

Beauty Trends Conversations & Hair Shows