17th BeautyEurasia Is Preparing to Bring the Leaders of the Cosmetic Industry

Organizing exhibitions for the leading industries in Türkiye, Hyve Group is counting down the days for the International Cosmetics, Beauty and Hair Exhibition - BeautyEurasia, the largest cosmetics exhibition in the Eurasian Region. The exhibition is set to be held at the IFM (Istanbul Expo Center) on June 15-17, 2022.

BeautyEurasia, which contributes to the creation business development and new cooperation opportunities for domestic and international representatives of the cosmetic industry, is one of the prominent gateway to the Eurasian market.

Making significant contributions to the domestic and global development of the industry with the cooperation opportunities, BeautyEurasia is preparing to welcome notable hosted buyers coming from all over the world; including Europe, CIS, Far East, Middle East countries, with the VIP Hosted Buyer Program to be held once again. Nearly 200 VIP Hosted Buyers from 53 countries, including Albania, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Chile, France, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, the Netherlands, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Uruguay, and the United States, have already signed up to the 17th BeautyEurasia.

Introducing the products, services, and technologies of manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world and bringing them and visitors together, BeautyEurasia will present cosmetics, beauty, and hair and hairdressing products, and visitors also experience colorful moments with the stand events.

Events for Professional and Personal Development are at BeautyEurasia
The exhibition will also have a rich event program to bring industry experts, exhibitors and visitors together, in cooperation with institutions and organizations leading the industry. BeautyEurasia will welcome its visitors, leaders in the industry, product specialists, hosted buyers, brand and marketing executives, and inspiring entrepreneurs with content and events in different formats titled “Business Development Conference”, “Hosted Buyer Special Exhibition Tour”, “Hair and Makeup Workshops”, “Competitions”, “Exhibitor Company Events and Training” and “The Beauty Industry Influencer Meetings”.

BeautyEurasia will address trends and new technologies in the industry, amendments in legislation, developments in exports, and tips for business development at the sessions intended for foreign investors, local manufacturers, hosted buyers, and decision-makers. 5 main agenda topics in the industry will be discussed in 5 different sessions with 30 expert speakers during 3 days.

By taking a short break from the intensity and crowd of the exhibition from time to time, exhibitors and visitors will also have the opportunity to follow technique and market oriented topics that will contribute to their personal and professional development.

30 local and international hosted buyers will visit the stands of 12 different companies, determined according to their interests on June 15-16. This exhibition tour, as a special trip, is an interactive experience that not only offers buyers the opportunity to meet participating companies before bilateral business meeting, but also consists of stand visits during which more about the products can be learned practically on-site, accompanied by an expert moderator known for their remarkable work in the industry and commercial partnerships.

While BeautyEurasia visitors are learning more about new products and test innovations in cosmetics technology, workshops and shows taking place on the stands of the exhibitors will be the center of attention.

On the last day of the exhibition, more than 200 competitors will present their designs and styles to both the jury and the audience to consider in the competitions held in cooperation with the Istanbul Chamber of Barbers and Istanbul Women's Hairdressers. Cosmetic products, as well as technical equipment and trends, will be presented to the industry in the competition which will be held in “Men's Hair Cut”, “Man’s Hair Styling”, “Women Hair Cut”, “Women's Hair Styling”, “Women's Hair Bun” and “Women Make Up” categories.

The founders of the emerging brands of the industry, who made themselves known with their remarkable works and products, will tell their success stories and leadership sides to visitors and exhibitors at BeautyEurasia.

"Exhibitions are the Most Effective Activity to Learn Marketing and the Market"
Expressing her opinions about the BeautyEurasia and emphasizing the importance of the exhibition in the cosmetics industry, BeautyEurasia Event Director Filiz Mehmedova said: "Exhibitions are the most effective activity to learn marketing and the market. On this basis, we aim to bring together different stakeholders in the industry under one roof at BeautyEurasia, and to ensure that hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors are informed about new developments in the industry with its rich and precious content. Extensive research and surveys show that while our visitors want to be informed about these developments, our exhibitors also want to know the competition in the industry well and learn the contents that will promote the market and the business well, in order to differentiate themselves,” she said. Mehmedova continued her remarks as follows:

Thanks to our “VIP Hosted Buyer Program, our exhibitors have the opportunity to meet with lots of international high-end buyers to provide new supplies, develop business and establish partnerships. Many VIP hosted buyers from Türkiye, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America will be invited to meet the exhibitors in Hosted Buyer Program. In addition, BeautyEurasia has the privilege of being the only sectoral exhibition that has received support from the Ministry of Commerce, once again this year.”