BeautyEurasia Exhibition Hosted 17,406 Visitors From 129 Countries This Year

Eurasia’s largest cosmetics exhibiton 17th International Cosmetics, Beauty & Hair Exhibition – BeautyEurasia, was held on June 15 – 17, 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center. The exhibition brought together 341 exhibitor companies from 27 countries and 17,406 professional visitors.

The largest exhibition in Eurasia, International Cosmetics, Beauty & Hair Exhibition - BeautyEurasia where the representatives of cosmetics and personal care industries come together, has attracted strong interest from visitors and exhibitors. BeautyEurasia in which many of the world's leading and prominent cosmetics and beauty brands has participated hosted a total of 17,406 visitors from 129 countries, increasing the number of foreign visitors by 50% compared to last year.

Turkey and Eurasia’s leading industry and collaboration platform, BeautyEurasia hosted visitors exhibitors from various countries including United States of America, Germany, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, China, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and India. The exhibition contributed to the creation of job and collaboration opportunities for its exhibitors and visitors. In addition, visitors experience various stand activities such as makeup techniques, permanent nail polish applications, hair shows and designs.

“VIP Hosted Buyer Programme” Enliven the Exhibition
With “VIP Hosted Buyer Programme” taking place within the exhibition, new market and job opportunities were provided for the exhibitors and visitors. Through VIP Hosted Buyer Programme, over 400 hosted buyers from 75 countries were hosted. The program was organized to create new opportunities regarding purchasing, business development, job and collaboration.

BeautyEurasia Shape the Industry!
Inspiring talks, brand stories, workshops, trends, and hair shows take place at the exhibition lasting for three days. Through the activity program organized with the collaboration of the institutions and organizations that shape the industry, industry professionals and influencers were hosted. In addition, via the panels, an industrial route was created for foreign investors, local manufacturers, buyers, and decision-makers.

On the first day of the exhibition, in the business development conference “Winning Sustainability Criteria in Cosmetics Industry”; Konca Çalkıvik, Secretary General of SKD Türkiye, Yücel Türkmensoy, Deputy General Manager of Purchasing and Marketing at Rossmann Turkey and Levent Kahrıman, President of the Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers (KUAD) and General Manager of the Laber Kimya took the floor. Topics such as the implementation of the sustainability rules by international companies in Turkey, climate-friendly manufacturing, reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing and procurement were discussed.

On the first day of the exhibition, the conferences “Qualified Growth Formula in Times of Crisis” and “New Era Customer Trends in Retail and Online Marketplaces” held afternoon provide strong vision for the future of the industry.

In the panel "Rising Brand of the Beauty Industry", the famous artist Gülben Ergen told the visitors and exhibitors the inspiring establishment story of the brand Gülbenatural and its strategies for the following period.

At the exhibition, which has an effective event program, Makeup Artist & Hair Designer Alp Kavasoğlu visited the stands of the exhibitors with a group of foreign and local hosted buyers in the industry, on routes planned based on product categories, and discussed the new products and technologies of the companies meeting changing consumer needs.

Noting that they are very pleased for the interest towards the exhibition, BeautyEurasia Event Director Filiz Mehmedova said: “We offered exhibitors the chance to meet the beauty and cosmetics industry professionals, get informed about the cosmetics industry in Turkey, develop commercial activities with manufacturers and institutions. In addition, within the context of VIP Hosted Buyer Programme, we enabled new collaborations by hosting over 400 professional buyers from 75 countries including Australia, Iraq, Canada, Palestine, Spain, Ecuador, Ukraine, Cameroon, Tunisia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Panama, Uganda, Uruguay, Georgia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Macedonia, Romania, Kosovo, Lebanon, Chile and Bosnia Herzegovina. Our primary objects are to ensure the global recognition of our country's cosmetics industry and to contribute to becoming a country that manufactures and exports more. Within this framework, we believe that we experienced a fruitful exhibition period.”