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12 - 14 June 2024 • IFM (Istanbul Expo Center)

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Why does Ashley Joy prefer BeautyEurasia?

What are your areas of activity? 

We started our journey with herbal hair care products which replenish our hair from roots to tips while activating our senses. Our goal is to bring top quality products together with consumers at affordable prices. What nurtures us the most here is “nature”. We are a vegan brand. Utilizing natural resources most efficiently and fairly are what we care about a lot on our journey. Women, men and kids from ages 4-15 in A, B and C segments that like using products with natural ingredients are our target audiences. Therefore, what we aim in our product development processes where we are always careful about using natural ingredients, is to improve sustainable beauty perception. Since the day it was founded, Ashley Joy has the vision of becoming a world brand. In this sense, we’ve started making all our investment plans in a way that would support both online and offline channels. We’ve included all applications that support logistics, software and operational processes. We’ve managed our company structure in this direction as well. We are taking steps that enhances our R&D processes, which lead us in developing new products by observing consumer needs. This creates a beautiful brand loyalty in our customers. 
Why have you decided to exhibit at BeautyEurasia? 

Because it is an exhibition that is followed and attended by industry leaders from around the world, we chose to be at BeautyEurasia on our journey to expand abroad. 

What products will you be showcasing/promoting at the exhibition? 

100% Herbal Hair Care Oil, which is the foundation story of our brand, is quite important to us. So, it’s safe to say that that product is our priority. What follow are our Strengthening Shampoo and our Silver Shampoo. A new hair line we’ll be launching during the exhibition will be at the forefront as well. 

What are your thoughts on BeautyEurasia? Why should industry professionals visit BeautyEurasia? 

BeautyEurasia brings together a lot of brands and suppliers from around the world and creates an environment where you can see all innovations and developments in the industry. Although it is the internet-age and information is accessed easily, it is still important to touch, smell and experience in our industry. This is why we look forward to seeing all industry professionals at BeautyEurasia. 

What are your thoughts, comments and/or forecasts on the cosmetics industry in Turkey and around the world? 

We can easily observe that sustainability is the priority for all industries, especially for cosmetics, since we are rapidly running out of energy resources. In this sense, recycling and vegan processes are some of the most important topics for brands. Surely, we can say that standards in human resources and working conditions of laborers follow. We believe that, especially after the pandemic, consumers are much more aware of this and they are showing the way for us much more easily. 

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