BeautyEurasia, the leading exhibition of the cosmetics and personal care industry in Turkey and the Eurasia region, is opening its doors on June 15 at Istanbul Expo Center. The exhibition is also preparing to dive deep into the industry’s agenda on the stage thanks to its event programme, the content of which are determined through interviews with the industry stakeholders.

We are gathering the opinion leaders of the industry, product experts, purchasing professionals, brand and marketing officials and inspiring entrepreneurs with our content and events in different formats under the titles “Business Development Conference”, “Curated Exhibition Tour with Buyer Delegates”, “Hair and Make-up Workshops”, “Competitions”, “Exhibitor Trainings & Activities” and “Beauty Industry Influencer Meet-Ups”

We invite you to take part in our events at BeautyEurasia, where you will get to develop business contacts and access up-to-date information.
In the panels which are designed in cooperation with the institutions and organizations which shape the future of the industry for foreign investors, local manufacturers, buyers and decision makers, senior officials from the industry, experts and influencers will be focusing on topics such as trends, applicable legislations, increasing the exporting volume, and sustainability.

30 expert speakers will discuss five key items from the industry’s agenda in five different sessions. 

Winning Sustainability Criteria in Exports
  • Being One Step Ahead in Trade with Climate-Friendly Production and Innovative Supply Processes
  • How Do Global Companies Apply Their Rules in Turkey?
  • Reliable Cosmetics Products

Qualified Growth Formula in Times of Crisis
  • Alternative Sales Routes
  • Opportunities within the Country in the Light of the Pandemic’s Teachings
  • Commercial Tactics for Success in the New Era: Branding, Overseas Marketing Activities, Joint Venture

Winning Rules of Retail and Online Marketplaces in Cosmetics
  • Reliability and Networking in Trade
  • Expectations of Buyers from the Industry
  • Domestic Market Dynamics and Purchasing Trends
  • Procurement Processes: E-commerce, Chain Markets, Retail Industry

Hybrid Markets That Remove Borders in Global Trade 
  • Digitalization in Production, Sales and Purchasing Processes
  • Understanding the Opportunities Presented by Metaverse

Rising Brands of the Beauty Industry 
  • What Are the Strategies They Apply to Ensure Brand Value and Recognition?
  • Efficiency in Investment - Planning and Feasibility
  • Innovation - What are they doing differently? 
  • Experiences That Help Companies Be Successful and Become Export Champions
  • How Do They Maintain Customer Satisfaction According to Changing Trends?
  • How Do They Combine Global Values with Brand Values? How Do They Communicate These Values?
  • What are the Sources of Inspiration for Their Entrepreneurial Spirits?
  • Stakeholder Network Organization and Trust in Supply Chain 
  • Being A Trendsetter

Get the opportunity to meet industry experts in production, marketing, retail, purchasing, export and digitalization from Turkey and across the world by attending BeautyEurasia's business development-oriented and inspiring events.
Curated Exhibition Tours with Buyer Delegates 
In this curated exhibition tour where we bring together our international and local buyers included in the exhibition with our exhibitor companies at BeautyEurasia, we are paying visits to the stands in the exhibition area in accordance with the pre-determined themes and taking part in thematic talks. 
Registration for this curated experience, which will be moderated by the leading names of the industry, is free, yet conditional and limited. 

Hair & Make-up Workshops 
Famous barbers, hairdressers, and make-up artists will showcase their latest designs and will enlighten the audience about the key points, techniques, and products.

Hair & Make-up Competitions 
On the last day of the exhibition, more than 200 competitors will present their new works and styles to both the jury and the audience, while competing on the stage as part of the competitions to be held in collaboration with the Istanbul Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans for Male Barbers and Istanbul Women’s Chamber of Artisans for Hairdressers and Manicurists. Techniques and trends of cosmetic products and equipment will also be presented to the industry during the competitions, which will be held under different categories such as “Men’s Haircut”, “Men’s Hairstyling”, “Women’s Haircut”, “Women’s Hairstyling”, “Women’s Bun” and “Women’s Make-up”.

Exhibitor Trainings & Activities 
During your visit to BeautyEurasia, where the leading companies of the industry will also be present, you will be able to experience the innovations in cosmetic technology in person while observing product promotions and learning about new products at the stands. 

You are invited to curated events organized by our exhibitors at their stands for the purposes of increasing their visibility, strengthening their brand recognition, reflecting their opinion leadership, and highlighting their new products.  

Special activities such as promotional cocktail events, influencer guest events, product promotions, workshops, panels, gift draws, organized by our exhibitors each year for their customers, the press, and the professionals and buyers from the sector, will be the focus of attention of all attendees in the exhibition area. 

Beauty Industry Influencers Meet-Up 
Would you like to learn about the success stories, leading personalities, and export championships of the founders of the rising brands within the industry, which have established themselves with a high reputation thanks to their remarkable works and products? 

Don’t miss on these exciting events. Get your free online invitation to BeautyEurasia 2022 today to explore the industry’s agenda in depth.