VIP Hosted Buyer Programme

What is the VIP Hosted Buyer Programme?

Are you looking to source new products and technologies for your own company or for your clients? Then, BeautyEurasia VIP Hosted Buyer Programme is the ideal platform for you since it brings together hundreds of companies from around the world operating in beauty & cosmetics industry!

Beauty Eurasia 2023 has been invited 600+ VIP Hosted Buyers from 82 countries.

Beauty Eurasia VIP Hosted Buyer Programme is organised by ICA Group to offer new procurement, business development, new business and partnership opportunities to industry players.


Hosted Buyer Interviews

Requirements for participating:

  • You should fill the application form on the bottom of the page. 
  • Register to the matchmaking app to organize your meetings. 
  • Must be willing to adhere to all VIP Hosted Buyer programme commitments and attendance policies as per the terms & conditions
  • You should purchase and send us your flight tickets copy. (14th of  June 2023 is the best option for arrival to İstanbul)
You can find the product group by clicking here.

Exclusive Benefits at Beauty Eurasia 2023

If accepted as a Hosted Buyer you will receive;
  • An artificial intelligence powered matchmaking tool to help you discover new products and schedule meetings,
  • Unlimited access to the VIP Buyer Lounge with wi-fi, seating and refreshments,
  • Complimentary travel package
  • Exclusive VIP entry to networking events and sessions.
  • In return, we expect you to set meetings with our exhibitors via our matchmaking app.
Before making your application please make sure that you are suitable for the Hosted Buyer profiles which you can find below:

VIP Hosted Buyer Profiles;
  1. Distributors
  2. Wholesalers
  3. Retailers
  4. Pharmacy Chains
  5. Online Shop
  6. Importers

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